Lara Croft GO Complete OST

Posted: Oct. 30, 2015
The complete Lara Croft GO Official Soundtrack, over 30 minutes long with 12 tracks by Pixel Audio - now including The Shard Of Life expansion - is available for free on SoundCloud, where you can download each track in MP3 format. There's also a bonus track - a 13-minute interview that you can download in WAV format - so be sure to check that out!

Complete Lara Croft GO Official Soundtrack on SoundCloud.

Since this soundtrack wasn't posted to SoundCloud in lossless WAV format (as the previous free soundtrack for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris was), Crystal Dynamics has made the lossless WAV audio files available to fansites! These files are 48000 Hz and have a bitrate of 2304kbps.

Download the Lara Croft GO Official Soundtrack in WAV format from

I don't know of any other game company that releases assets the way that Crystal Dynamics does. As always, Crystal Dynamics really shows that they care about their fans, and that they care about preserving and celebrating all the hard work that went into creating this iconic soundtrack. Huge thanks to Pixel Audio, Square Enix Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, Nicolas Verge, Meagan Marie and Robin Huey for making these WAV files available!

Finally, here's my thoughts on the soundtrack, from my Lara Croft GO Review: Pixel Audio's soundtrack is the definition of "melodically atmospheric" - the way that the music sets the game's mood is complete, breathtaking perfection. While some fans have felt that the game doesn't have enough of a "Tomb Raider feel" in the music, I absolutely disagree with the concept that something different equals something lacking. Every element of a game should serve the whole, and Lara Croft GO is such a unique game, it requires a unique musical landscape. Not to mention that Pixel Audio's contemplative score is the perfect mood for turn-based puzzling and the perfect companion to the game's art style - the game wouldn't be the same without it. I could listen to the poignant perfection of Lara Croft GO's soundtrack all day!


Note that track #11 has two titles. The first title is from Crystal's supplied WAV files. The second title is from the SoundCloud tracks. It's the same track, it just has different titles in different places.

1A Forgotten Path5:57
2A Bridge Of Daylight2:12
3The Bridge Of Many Sides3:22
4Terrace Of Forked Tongues2:17
5The Lowest Point1:10
6The Maze Of Snakes3:34
7Temple Of The Wise (Distant Melody)2:19
8The Maze Of Spirits2:12
9The Doorstep Of Spirits2:07
10The Queen Of Venom2:12
11A Key To An Unknown Gate / The Journey Home2:46
12The Shard Of Life2:15

Album Art

A great soundtrack needs a great album cover, and Lara Croft GO doesn't disappoint! For the high resolution version of the album art at 3000x3000 pixels, click on the image below!