E3 Full 15-Minute Siberian Wilderness Gameplay Demo World Premiere

Posted: Jun. 20, 2015
This is the world premiere of the official 1080p Rise of the Tomb Raider 15-minute Siberian Wilderness Bear Fight Gameplay Demo that was shown first at the Xbox Media Showcase night and then on the E3 show floor in the Xbox booth area in the cave theater... NOT to be confused with the Avalanche demo from the Xbox Media Briefing!


Lara uses a tree to get a leg up in order to jump to the nearby ledge

Those controversial lens effects are here again - the game looks amazing!

The first Base Camp - Wilderness Refuge

The new Loadout menu

The new Loadout Upgrades menu

The resources that Lara can forage for and make use of

The new Ammo Crafting menu (a sub-menu of Inventory)

Lara can craft ammo on the fly

Realistic crafting - how to make a bow, by Lara Croft

Lara enters the Siberian Wilderness

Lara and AI make tracks in the snow. Lots of gameplay possibilities!

So much detail in this game - splinters fly as Lara forages for wood

Environments are truly alive, EVERYTHING is moving in the wind

Explosions (and fire and all manner of other stuff) look AMAZING in this game

The glowsticks are cooler than torches, helpful even when just on belt, the illumination effect is awesome

The game looks gorgeous

The hubs are said to be 2-3 times larger than the reboot